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Right. Guys, what is the point of GCSE’s? As we learn in OCR Biology unit 6 – cramming only goes into our short term memory. So, whats the point of education. If only the government took care of making us do more work in school then we would actually become more intelligent. Well, anyway, I have spent the past two weeks on revision day and night. I have already done over 10 exams and most of the knowledge I had received has gone into the bin – since i’ll never use it ever again. Not even at A-levels.

I need 5 C to A* GCSE’s to get into Sixth Form. Easy. I am going to laugh if anyone ever asks what I got for my GCSE’s past Post 16.

For those who are picking sciences and maths for A-levels, have fun! Like my physics teacher said the other day: “You are the future!” (By the way he actually studied musical technology). So, maybe you are the future. However, I am going to go the risky artistic route. Dance? Music? We will see.

Oh, one other thing. I believe we are too young to make such decisions. Dropping subjects at the age of 14 is ridiculous. Picking 4 subjects ONLY for A-level steers my future into one direction. Changing your mind later on? Hard choice and a hard thing to do.

Wow, life is hard.

Will I ever use: a2 = b2 + c2 – 2bc cos A ?

Eeermm, NO.

I just want this to be over.

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