Wesołego Christmas

“‘Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalala”

I would like to wish everyone, in this world, a joyful time at christmas! May your hearts be full of love and peace when spending time with friends and family. Also, don’t forget the real reason why we have Christmas. The real reason, which is the celbration of Jesus’ birthday, who sacrificed himseld for us, for our salvation. 

On the last day of term at school I heard some drama teachers discussing the fact that kids from year 8 didn’t know what the Nativity was. What are kids taught in RE lessons these days?

I sang and played “Mary did you know” at this years Christmas concert at school. The words are very meaningful and the song has a very interesting point of v1ew about Mary and the whole situation. Have a listen of my cover:

Chcę wish wszystkim a bardzo merry Boże Narodzenie.

The Gab Eye

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