The Game

Last year around May I began to write myself a happy book. I asked my friends to write me something nice, maybe a memory or a quote. Afterwards, I wrote it all down and visited those filled pages every now and then.

Two days ago i felt the need to ask a few more people and fill my book. I was tired and sad. Nothing made me happy. My heart was longing to be with my friends in Poland. As i began to talk to all my friends on facebook, every single one of them made me feel happy. Our conversations, even though some were short, brought joy. However… this caused my mind to freeze between two worlds. My body is in England, going to school but my mind is wondering round as memories flash back.

At the age of 12 i read “Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter” which i recommend very much to everyone. The novel is about  a small orphan girl called ‘Pollyanna’. This child all her life played the ‘game’.


  1. What aren’t you happy with?
  2. How is that good for you?

My aim everyday is to smile and see the light but if I fail, all I have to do is reach for the happy book and I’ll be back on track.

The Gab Eye

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