Have parents always been like this??? Im 15 and I think that i have hit the rebelling age. I hear more and more ‘talks’, more ‘checking up on me’. Where am i? When will i be back? etc. My mum asked me the other day “Why wont you stay at home a little longer?” – why? what am i supposed to do at home? I have 5 older brothers and sisters but they all have left so i’m all by myself. Of course, i love my parents but seriously…

I remember when my older brothers and sisters where going through this stage and their frustration but then i told myself ” I’m going to be the good child. I am going to show my parents that they wont have any problems with me”. Ha! Well, that turned out great.

I have never been so frustrated ever in my life but overall i know that my parents want the best for me. They will probably read this so, just saying ‘I love you guys’.

The Gab Eye

In conclusion, im a rebelling teenager.


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