Point your toes, chin up!

I haven’t written a lot lately on my blog due to lack of time. Why don’t i have time? Because I am dancing. I have ballet, contemporary, technique and sometimes extra classes such as yoga or nutrition. I have given up my life for dance. Its been 2 months since i started. This week was the first time i ever truly wanted to give up. I’m not as flexible as the other students, my technique isn’t that good as there’s, BUT i got into the school so there must be something in me that is special. This means that i can’t stop. I need to prove to those that i can do this, that i will get through this and become a dancer.

It’s hard. Was I expecting this? No. Well, to some extent, yes. Muscles are in pain, tired and sore.

But, I can’t complain. It’s such a great opportunity. I guess that I’ll get used to it. I love to dance so its a dream come true. Maybe one day i’ll be able to go onto a stage, perform and leave the audience speechless.

Most of the students I have classes with have already had professional dance classes. I haven’t so i’m behind. I cant let that cause me to hesitate.

SO, i have NEVER done ballet. “Gabriela! Chin up! Why arent you pointing your feet?”

Its fun. I have to admit.

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