Last week I went with my mum and brother for an evening walk. We don’t usually go out together. (I took my camera that I borrowed from a friend hence the photo). We began to talk, about everything, about our move to England and just life all together. For the first time in my life I realized that it wasn’t easy to come to a place that isn’t home and stay there (so far 10 years).

Many years ago, in a far away land there was a five year-old girl with five older siblings (two sisters and three brothers). Life seemed fantastic, I had a great house, I didn’t go to nursery, I was always with my mother. I was too young to make any real friends and since I didn’t go to school I had nothing to really miss.  For my siblings it was harder, they had a whole life in Poland that they had to leave all behind.

Money was a problem. People were a problem. The change was a problem.

We were alone, I spent my spare time moaning and begging my mum to play with me. We had little money or we wanted to save up so going out somewhere to have fun wasn’t an option. This is where I realised how much I respect my parents. My dad was at work trying his best for us to have something to eat whilst my mother tried to do everything to make our lives not as miserable, literally everything. Whilst I moaned that I was bored, my siblings understood our situation and found it all very hard to look at.

I understand that now and found a new perspective on life and families around me.

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