A week into Adulthood

Yo, yo, yo guys!

I missed The Gab Eye so much. I have to start writing more, I promise you and myself that I will!

Anyway, last week my parents went on holiday, therefore I was home alone for a whole week. Nothing new. But what you guys don’t know is that… I got a job. I work as a store assistant at a clothing shop. To be quite honest I was both excited and dreading the idea of having to go to work. Especially since I only started keeping up with school.

It’s been a couple weeks since I started working and even though my feet hurt a little, I feel like a new life skill has been accomplished.

Earning money… now that’s something I like to hear. Even though it’s not what ‘adults’ receive it is still more than what many people earn in Poland. No wonder that no matter where I turn I see or hear someone Polish.

Going back to my week. I basically have a week of experience of living with responsibility for myself and everything I do. I worked for myself, cooked for myself, cleaned the house (for myself), and took care of taking the garbage out… as well as going to school. It was a little taste of the next stage of my life which will be going to uni or some kind of equivalent.

The first day my parents were gone, I had a realisation that I should become more grown up. I took down ‘Naruto’ posters, souvenirs and other things from my walls and then did some furniture moving to make my room look less childlike. Even though I made those changes there is a part of me that wants to go back to the time were my biggest problem that I had to spend New Year’s Eve with my parents whilst my siblings went out. Actually, I never thought I would be saying this but, I missed my parents a little bit at the end. I am not going to deny that until it’s time for me to move out I want to keep something of a child within me.

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