In a few weeks i have three GCSE science exams meaning that i should be revising. i do revision sessions after school but i cannot motivate myself to do any work at home. I mentioned before Easter that for two weeks i will not watch youtube and i will try to stay off facebook. I need to be honest with you and say that I have failed. I am going down hill… What can i do?

Yesterday as i was walking out of school an old man came up to me and asked if i had a good day at school and if i like my school. I politely answered that i did. He nodded and said that if i like school then its a good sign the more i learn the more doors will open for me in the future. The old man told me to always remember that and he stumbled off. I have been thinking about his words all day and still as soon as i get home i cannot open a book and read it.

I have been planning my weeks and try to follow it but that is not enough becuase the internet (as i have said in the post ‘Lazyness of the 21st century’) is taking over my life. So, the only way is to turn off my internet, go work outside, in the park and pay attention in lessons. It is so easy to say but so hard to do.

The Gab Eye

Even if these tests are not important in my life, if i learn as much i can and learn to go home and do my homework first then my future will be organised and easy. I can see that its time to take control.

Let me know what you think....