3 countries, 1 day

Few weeks back I flew to Spain for the weekend to celebrate my brothers investiture but it was no ordinary trip.

My story begins Friday night when it turned out that we cannot check in on the internet. Very early (five am) at the airport we receive the news that “we [they] overbooked, you [we] should have checked in earlier, we [they] only have two seats for you [us]” (there were four of us). Do you know what we were feeling? Anger, anxiety and annoyance. We knew this was not going to be a pleasant journey.

We were told that we should go through the full process before boarding and maybe someone will not turn up for their flight, also “we [they] are going to ask for volunteers for you [us]”. Yeah ok. Who would want to give up their seat for us to go to SPAIN!? Finally, one more seat was found. The decision was made that my brother would not go, we said goodbye and agreed to the three seats. So we thought. The manager, with a very strong Liverpool accent, did not understand that we we want to get on that plane. What happened next can be summed up in one word. CHAOS. The manager ran out trying to stop the plane… too late… its gone.

She thought that we did not want to split up so she began to look for a different option for us all to get to Malaga, whilst the plane we were meant to get on flew away.

My neurosis kicked in after that, stomach turned upside down, headache. I sat in my seat outside the gate, hands over my head. I just wanted to go home after that. Finally, after a long argument and confusion the manager organised for us to fly to Paris and from there to Malaga. Paris? That would be pretty amazing! However, from France to Spain she could only guarantee 2 seats for us so if me and my brother would not be able to go then we would be organised a plane back to England. Fine. We’ll go.

The only thing i can say about Paris is that it has a huge airport. I spent 6 hours in between the flights walking around the hallways, sleeping on a bench and looking for a postcard. The airport was to far away from anything for us to go sight-seeing.

In the end we all ended up in Spain. Wasted the full day on travel and probably we will never be flying with ‘easy jet’ ever again. At least I can brag about how I was in 3 countries in one day.

Oh and finally, Spain was too good to be true. I cried when it was time to leave.

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